Web3Eco is a project that allows users to invest in the forestry industry in a decentralized manner. Users can purchase NFT plots to pass KYC and gain access to a closed investors' club with the potential to earn up to 300% on their investment contract. Web3Eco also uses Polygon blockchain technology to help green the planet.

Polygon was chosen as the primary blockchain for several reasons:

  • Fast transactions (record 65,000 per second)

  • EVM-compatibility, making it easy to connect with MetaMask and virtually any compatible wallet (see EVM-compatible wallets)

  • Low fees. A transaction costs less than $0.50

Web3Eco is a bridge between blockchain technologies (NFTs), the rapidly growing sectors of regenerative finance (ReFi) and real-world assets (RWA).

Our Mission [Mission of Web3Eco]

Our goal is to restore the environment, green the land, and give everyone the opportunity to contribute to nature and earn money. We all know that the ozone layer is being destroyed and that a major environmental catastrophe could occur in 50 years.

Our scientists have tested the hypothesis that Paulownia is effective in environmental restoration and have recognized it as working. We have received confirmation from all possible authorities around the world that Paulownia is one of the best "filters", absorbing 0,3 ton of CO2 and giving out 6 kg of oxygen.

We have already planted over 150,000 trees in Uzbekistan, making a huge contribution to nature. With the support of the Government of Uzbekistan, we are aiming to expand the country's greening sites. Our goal is to plant over 60 million trees in Uzbekistan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain and other countries within 5 years.

Project opportunities:

  • For investors: to invest in understandable for regulatory authorities investment smart contracts, backed by real plantations in Uzbekistan/Turkey and other countries with the right to profit

  • For businesses: to invest in the environment by buying NFT plots and receiving a digital certificate for reducing the carbon footprint (carbon credits)

  • For plantations/farmers: to tokenize your business in the form of NFT and sell assets on the marketplace (under development)

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